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Blog Wilde Daily dose of vintage

Portrait by Aldo Chacon.



Photography, Aldo Chacon

Styled by Aldo Chacon

Model, Shangi,@ Independent

Special Thanks to Wilde Sunglasses

lecool Barcelona


Mar Avilla da su punto de vista para Lecool sobre Wilde Sunglasses, no dejen de leer el resto de la noticia.



Recently found a reference that we had not posted.



Interviews 2010 with the founders of LELOOK his view on the reference sites in Barcelona, Carole and Igor created their Barcelona-based fashion trends observatory LELOOK in 2007, when street-style was just taking off. Since then, they have spread their wings to cover an extensive range of activities in the field of fashion and trends. Observatory, laboratory, fashion community, agency, the first Wilde Store Calle Joaquin Costa 2.

interview published in the guide.



Wilde NIGHT NON STOP Men Version.



Wilde Sunglasses & NIGHT NON STOP Men Version.

¡Hola a todos! Hoy hemos cambiado los papeles, soy Pablo y salgo de detrás de la cámara para ponerme delante de ella, asi se presenta el nuevo post los invitamos a leer el resto de la historia.



Nuevo Post en Ker Life.


Nuestros amigos de Ker en su apartado de redes sociales han posteado un nuevo articulo acerca el nuevo lanzamiento del store Online.


Welcome, Aloha, Benvenuti, 환영합니다,


Welcome, Aloha, Benvenuti, 환영합니다, Welkom, Bienvenue, Benvido, Velkommen, Eguahé porá, Üdvözlet, स्वागतम्, Bienvenidos.

I want to thank two people who have been very patient during these long months of teamwork Robert Adalierd to contribute their talents to develop each line programming of this new project and Juan Pablo Solari for his taste in everything related to the art of new image that we are developing.


We open the possibility for people who follow us and not live in Spain, can get a model of the collection Wilde Sunglasses Handmade Barcelona.

invite you to know..



we accept:


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